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by author Jerry Saddington on June 13, 2023
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We couldn't be more excited to share that our Gladstone Marketplace Partnership has led to the development of an innovative integration for client records. Why are we thrilled about it? Well, it saves everyones time and resource management as well as prioritising GDPR security.

ReferAll and Gladstone software are excited about the new client record integration

The back story

Providers often struggle with the tedious task of inputting client information twice and keeping track of a referral across systems. Our customers have been eagerly asking if ReferAll can integrate with Gladstone's Leisure Management System.

As we are the chosen exercise referral and wellbeing software partner of Gladstone, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting our latest integration for client records that spans both platforms. Our new integration with Gladstone will provide added benefits to existing customers as well as welcoming new customers to the platform.

Gordon Watson, Head of Marketplace at Gladstone, says: “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with the leading exercise referral platform, ReferAll. Easy-to-use and secure, ReferAll’s platform allows health and wellbeing teams to manage referrals for multiple schemes and report on outcomes in real time. Using our new single API, customers on the Gladstone Cloud platform will be able to seamlessly integrate the two systems, saving hundreds of hours in admin per year. From referrers in a healthcare or community setting to service managers, delivery teams and commissioners, the ReferAll platform offers a 360˚ view of their service.”

How the integration works

When a new referral is processed in your ReferAll platform, the Gladstone integration* automatically performs a background check against all memberships in your organisations Gladstone system.

If a match is found**, the membership ID will display in the referral record after saving the new referral. 

Where no match is found or the email address field is left empty, a new membership ID is created in your Gladstone Go platform and the ID displays in the referral record.

* Customers need to be on the latest Gladstone Go Cloud platform and have access to Gladstone API’s.

**Specific fields apply

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How much does the integration cost?


Our latest integration with Gladstone is available to all ReferAll customers at no extra cost. That's right, you can take advantage of this time-saving feature without spending a penny! 

While Phase 1 of our integration will bring about significant benefits, we have even more exciting plans for Phase 2. We are looking to allow attendance data can be synced to your ReferAll platform, taking your organisation's efficiency to the next level.

To take advantage of this game-changing integration, start a conversation 📲 Call or 📧 email us. We'll arrange a chat at your earliest convenience.

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Jerry Saddington| Sales & Account Manager

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