Falkirk Community Trust wins ReferAll Foundation 2016

by Admin on May 1, 2016

Falkirk Community Trust has won ReferAll’s 2016 Foundation Award.  The Award gifts the trust a one-year exercise referral software licence worth over £2,000.   

ReferAll, which specialises in software solutions to enhance the efficiency of exercise referrals from GP to leisure provider, created the Foundation Award in 2014 as an altruistic venture with a vision to provide the tools for organisations to help people to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Falkirk Community Trust, a leisure trust which manages four centres in the central belt of Scotland, receives a licence for ReferAll’s scheme administrator module.   The scheme administrator module includes a client-centric customer management system complete with reporting, text message package, PAR-Q and evaluation questionnaires.  One day of training at ReferAll’s head office in Worthing or via a webinar has also been incorporated.

Commenting on their award, Lee Kelso, Active Forth Coordinator at Falkirk Community Trust, said: “Via our Active Forth referral scheme, we are keen to enable as many people as possible to access our fitness facilities and to enhance both their physical and mental wellbeing.  We have been following ReferAll for a while and have been very impressed with their software solution but simply didn’t have the funding to bring this on board. 

“The Foundation Award is a fantastic opportunity for us to hone in on the challenges of retention and how we chart our patients’ journeys.  ReferAll captures this really well in terms of the four, eight and twelve week appointments.  We are keen to service our members as effectively as possible and to capture what we do well as well as the areas where we need to improve.  It is also crucial that our staff can spend more time with members rather than doing paperwork so that they can deliver the best possible member experience. ReferAll will give us the tools to do this.”

Stuart Stokes, Commercial Director at ReferAll, explained: “All the applications underwent a rigorous scoring system by a team of experts, including a blind review. We are really looking forward to working with Lee and her team to help them achieve both their and their members’ goals. Their openness to new opportunities and ways of working makes them a great Foundation Award partner.”

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