Guest Webinar: Mental Wellbeing Explored with MH1s' Lynne Briggs

by author Rachel Stokes on September 12, 2023
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Mental Wellbeing: Is your Service Asking the Right Questions? ReferAll and MH1 Webinar

Kicking off September with a burst of insights, ReferAll proudly hosted the 3rd ReferAll Webinar Revelations. In this blog post, we provide you with a summary of the invaluable takeaways from this exciting event.

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The Details:

πŸ“…: Wed 06 Sep 2023
πŸ•¦: 10:30 - 11:15 BST
πŸ—ΊοΈ: Online event
πŸ‘₯: Exclusively for ReferAll customers

Mental Wellbeing - Is Your Service Asking the Right Questions?

- Welcome to the third webinar in the Referral Webinar Revelations series, focusing on mental health and wellbeing.
- Key question: Are your services asking the right questions?
- Hosts: Rachel Stokes (Marketing Outreach Lead), Jerry Saddington (Sales and Account Manager), Stu Stokes (Founder and MD of ReferAll).
- Special guest: Lynne Briggs, Co-founder of MH1 Global.

Lynne Briggs' Background:
- Lynne's journey from group exercise instructor to health and fitness management and education.
- Transition into training and working with Fitpro for over 30 years.
- Co-founder of MH1 Global, a platform dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.
- Introduction of the groundbreaking Mental Health Questionnaire (MHQ).

MHQ's 11 Lifestyle Factors tool exclusively available in ReferAll
The MHQ and Its Significance:
- The MHQ is a result of a master's degree dissertation in psychology by Paula Litherland (msc).
- An 11-lifestyle factor questionnaire aimed at improving overall wellbeing.
- Provides a holistic approach to physical and mental health.
- Goes beyond simply identifying issues; MH1 trained advisors offer support and resources.
- Potential benefits for companies, staff, and members, including improved staff retention and referrals.

Unique Insights from the MHQ:
- Revealing results from anonymised data so far.
- Surprising findings, such as self-image being a top concern.
- Work-life balance and sleep as common issues.
- The interconnectedness of lifestyle factors.
- Using the MHQ as a conversation starter and an ongoing tool for client improvement.

Partnerships and Real-World Applications:
- Collaboration with colleges, leisure providers and the wider business community.
- Identifying staff members in need of support in tandem with support from your HR team.
- Creating referral relationships for holistic wellness.
- The importance of immediate feedback and conversation.
- The potential for a new career path as a Lifestyle Advisor.

- The MHQ is a groundbreaking tool for assessing and improving lifestyle factors, leading to improved wellbeing.
- It offers a unique opportunity for the fitness industry and higher education to play a role in holistic health.
- Ongoing use of the MHQ can lead to positive changes in lifestyle factors.
- Collaborations and partnerships are shaping the future of mental wellbeing support.

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Rachel Stokes | Marketing Outreach Lead

Topics: Exercise Referral, Mental Health, Questionnaires, Wellbeing Services