ReferAll - Integrated health & social care [Infographic]

by author Rachel Stokes on December 14, 2021
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The figures in this publication are based on records up until the end of October 2021. The infographic below contains 3 key figures from health & wellbeing services using ReferAll and what they could mean for you.

  1. 97% of all referral records were triaged. To determine the triage rate of your service, you should keep track of all referrals you receive.
  2. Data collection can be challenging. Through ReferAll's secure questionnaire solution, customers have collected data for an impressive number of 628,513 questionnaires that can be viewed in Outcome Reports.
  3. Over 54,145 referrers have been logged against the referral source by ReferAll users.
  4. ReferAll Infographic

Topics: Referral Schemes, Exercise Referral, Funding, Evaluation, Data Collection