Kevin Teague's Take on Wellness in the UK (Elevate 2018)

by Rachel Stokes on May 15, 2018

This year's Elevate show 2018 was another great success for ReferAll.

During our time at the show, it was difficult - but a must - to tear ourselves away from our own stand and attend at least one of the keynote speaker sessions.

Amongst the many thought-provoking titles on the Elevate programme this year I attended the session entitled....

Wellness in the UK: Growth, trends and customer loyalty

by Kevin Teague, Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA at MINDBODY INC

What would I learn from Kevin Teague's 15 minute take on Wellness in the UK? And what, if anything, would I be able to 'take away' from the seminar that our team at ReferAll could recommend for our clients? As I sat down in the seminar hall for a rare few minutes during the two days, I was ready and willing to absorb all I could in this short, snapshot session.

The initial point that grabbed my attention, even before Kevin began was made by the lovely lady introducing Kevin and his seminar. "Here in the UK we are slowly catching up with the US on Wellness and it's concept (Kevin is from San Diego, California. He brought his family over 18 months ago with MINDBODY after 11 years with the company in the US). I did question why we have to "catch up at all"? Isn't Wellness just another buzz word for the Leisure Industry that our family, friends or neighbours will never really use or get to grips with? I'm not sure I can see my local GP, Physio or Consultant referring patient's to improve their 'Wellness'.

Wellness aside, Kevin's thoughts on growth, trends and customer loyalty were based on research by MINDBODY and their findings from their marketing campaigns. The 3 areas that stood out for me were:

  1. How many people in the UK felt unsettled or unhappy (24%)
  2. What words were found to be more successful v less successful in offers or promotions 
  3. What is trending in 'Wellness' concepts

Kevin noted that 24% (point 1) of people in the UK felt unsettled or unhappy was pretty high compared to the US. If asked, I might have guessed a higher %. This does mean good news for ReferAll's clients, highlighting the need for all the wonderful health improvement services that you deliver - and want to sustain by showing programme outcomes=securing funding.

The second point I found interesting - and I thought our clients might too - is the choice of wording used in promotions. It can make a huge difference between a successful campaign and a less successful one, Kevin informed us. For example, more successful words that show a higher uptake rate and increased loyalty are 'Member, membership, returning' in comparison to 'Free, 1st visit, 1st week'. Scheme providers can use these words in exercise on referral and weight management services just as successfully as fitness club memberships.

The third point I hadn't given much thought relates to 'creating mood themes' for your sessions. By this Kevin went on to explain that many of the boutique clubs popping up are not simply adding a yoga or pilates class to their programme. He went on to say "We are now seeing sessions based on, let's say the colour pink."

A pink room I hear you say? It goes much further than especially chosen that reflects how people feel when they see or wear pink, delicate smells that fill the air during the pink yoga session, so on and so forth. Doesn't this all sound a little costly? It doesn't have to be. Take the initial idea and have fun with it - ask your patients' or clients' to get creative with a theme. It could make your session more inclusive and ensure it's the one they keep coming back to!

I'd like to say a huge 'Thanks' to Kevin Teague for delivering an interesting and useful snapshot of Wellness in the UK - even if the term does still conjure up beautiful people on the sun-drenched beaches of LA for me!

Do let me know if you are delivering any of the above or you give them a try and what feedback you receive.

Here's to Elevate 2019!

See you soon,


Rachel Stokes

Head of Consulting

Topics: Health Awareness