Locally specific, nationally relevant

by Stuart Stokes on March 20, 2019

National requirements can be tricky for Exercise on Referral (EoR) schemes. On the one hand they keep programmes relevant to the wider population in terms of physical activity goals or weight loss, but on the other they can be hard to adhere to. In our experience, EoR schemes need this ‘nationally relevant’ framework. But we also hear great examples of good quality services meeting locally-specific needs. The challenge is how to bridge this ‘gap’: making local data resonate on a much larger, national scale.


So often it’s hard to meet criteria of the local commissioner, as these vary greatly geographically from one ‘authority’ to another. Some are simplistic while others are incredibly involved. They’re not standardised either, meaning processes can also be hugely different. Even with frameworks in place there is only guidance no mandate.

So, how do we ensure schemes and services remain not only locally specific but nationally relevant?

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