ReferAll & MH1 Announce Partnership to Bring Mental Health to the Forefront

by Rachel Stokes on October 10, 2022

ReferAll is excited to announce our new partnership with MH1, creators of the new innovative, validated Lifestyle Discovery Questionnaire (LDQ), exclusively available through ReferAll.


Led by well-known industry figure Lynne Briggs, who has substantial experience in all areas of fitness operations, training and development, MH1 is the go-to place for mental health support and expertise for the health, fitness and wellness sector. Their ethos is based on a unique combination of four pillars: education, research, innovation, and talking. MH1 stands to serve the individual, operators, and wider community.

The MH1 team has developed bespoke training & support packages to assist the effective use of the LDQ plus additional staff CPD courses to enhance your mental health and wellbeing strategy.

What is the LDQ and what will it do for your health-related services?

The LDQ is a powerful psychometric tool measuring the trajectory of mental health using lifestyle factors as markers, evaluating 11 lifestyle outcomes. It has been designed and validated as an MSc dissertation project with the support of Edgehill University.

Implementing the LDQ into your services will create a more holistic and nuanced consultation process whereby early intervention strategies will be meaningful and measurable for positive outcomes on physical and mental health.

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MH1 ethos is based on our four pillars; education, researching, innovating and talking, they stand to serve the individual, operators and wider community.
This included the MH1 Coach certification, to our own online CPD platform, a variety of relevant workshops and the broader landscape of general awareness in the mental health space.
We scour the globe to bring the latest validated and published studies and programmes to the community and are actively seeking to collaborate with highly respected professionals, national and international universities to further strengthen our pool of evidence based studies.
MH1's initial innovation – the MHQ (Mental Health Questionnaire), the first psychometric tool of its kind for the health and fitness industry, which measures the trajectory of mental health using lifestyle factors as markers. It has been peer reviewed and validated with the support of Edge Hill University.

Launching as the LDQ, (Lifestyle Discovery Questionnaire) under the custodianship of ReferAll, our exciting partnership can now provide essential data and evidence that the industry has been waiting for.
MH1 holds live events, online Zoom interviews with relevant and engaging guests and actively network with professionals in the field of mental health. However, talking encompasses speaking to individuals, groups, communities, operators, clinicians and health professionals too.

We are excited to announce a special offer for all ReferAll customers.

An annual LDQ subscription package that includes initial training on the implementation of the LDQ can be purchased for 10% off for a limited time.

The partnership between ReferAll and MH1 is set to be a game-changer in the mental health support space. By combining our work together and tailoring it to the needs of customers, this new initiative will revolutionise how service providers and clients approach mental health, leading the way for future wellbeing services. "Right now, the advantages of implementing MH1's validated LDQ tool will not only be of huge benefit to your clients, your delivery teams will feel empowered and supported, too," says Stu Stokes.

Remember, both first-time and existing ReferAll customers can take advantage of this promotion by booking an LDQ discovery call or simply requesting more information.

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