ReferAll in Numbers - June 2020

by Rachel Stokes on July 16, 2020

Our total numbers based on records to the end of June 2020

This publication of ReferAll in Numbers aims to highlight the real effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on Health and Wellbeing Services using ReferAll.

The main findings show the rate of referral (Referral Records) during lockdown (April-June) took a dramatic nosedive showing only 1,417 referrals versus 11,798 referrals on average per month for the 12 months prior.

A small percentage of operators were able to continue delivering their services for example, NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme, Smoking Cessation or Wellbeing Services which meant they needed to rapidly develop a non-face-to-face offering. We worked quickly with our customers to advise and provide new ways of recording activities within ReferAll.

Important limitations: ReferAll in Numbers stats is only as accurate as the data recorded by users of the platform at the time of publication. There may be a revision of numbers when customers update their schemes for example, attendances following a period of staff returning from furlough.

Looking forward, as the world starts to open its doors again with the appropriate measures in place, the pandemic will present an opportunity for providers to develop online / telephone based solutions that may be kept in place for the longer term as part of their ongoing programme delivery.

We expect the next publication of ReferAll in Numbers to reflect this; although stats are not expected to return to pre-pandemic figures just yet, the trend should be heading in the right direction. 

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