Introducing MyReferAll

by Rachel Stokes on April 26, 2021

Rachel Stokes investigates how  

ReferAll’s ultimate all-new booking solution.

With online and digital offers taking centre stage since the start of the pandemic – and set to form part of an ongoing 360˚ offering for many operators even now reopening has begun – it is increasingly vital for exercise on referral providers to have a flexible online solution.

MyReferAll is an intuitive new web platform for client bookings and questionnaires. An add-on to ReferAll, it also allows providers to record ANY activity they’re doing with their referrals, be that digital or one to one, saving you time and ensuring your online and in-person offers blend seamlessly.

At its heart, MyReferAll is an efficient bookings system for your referrals. As well as letting clients seamlessly pre-book appointments – you can add the MyReferAll login to your website – it also allows them to schedule any type of online meeting, one-to-one appointments, group sessions and workshops. The platform also sends timely appointment reminders to minimise last-minute cancellations and clients can access the system 24/7 through a secure, personalised portal.

“Because we understand the health and wellbeing sector as you do, we know the standardised data sets you need to collect,” explains ReferAll’s managing director, Stuart Stokes. “For each specialist service in physical activity, weight management, smoking cessation, social prescribing, chronic disease management and mental health, we've built online questionnaires such as IPAQ, SWEMWBS and TUAG – all with complex outcomes for easy reporting, to minimise the follow-up of questionnaire data.”

“As well as easier questionnaire completion, adding MyReferAll their site providers can gather all the 'paperwork' and data needed prior to appointments, leaving more time to do what really matters – support patients. Plus, the My Questionnaires area shows the status of any questionnaires participants have available to complete, while also giving them the option to view any they’ve already completed.”

A digitally blended offering is here to stay, why not explore how MyReferAll can save you time and streamline your processes?

For more information contact or reach out to us via any of our channels. Our offices may be closed but we are all still here, working from home to support you through this crisis in any way we can.

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