The ReferAll system offers confidentiality and peace of mind

by author Rachel Stokes on April 29, 2021
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Brio Leisure has been using ReferAll’s software solutions to manage six of its wellbeing services including weight loss, exercise safely and its smoking cessation service since 2015.

Founded in May 2011, Brio Leisure is a Community Interest Company owned by Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) council. In 2019, CWaC renewed a five-year contract with Brio to deliver services supporting people to either lose weight, exercise safely or stop smoking.

Brio Leisure began working with ReferAll in 2015 when its original Brio Wellbeing contract commenced. “We were aware ReferAll had worked with other local authorities in the South and had received positive feedback,” says Laura Pudvine, Health & Wellbeing Officer at Brio Leisure.

“Using ReferAll’s software solution to administer our wellbeing support schemes allows us to seamlessly accept referrals from health professionals such as GPs and midwives. We can log these referrals and create bookings all at the touch of a button. It’s secure enough for us to confidently record clinical notes and the client journey as well as creating follow-up actions and communications with the client, all from within ReferAll’s platform.”

The majority of referrals are received from health professionals via a secure inbox, but Brio Leisure also allows potential clients to self-refer onto eligible schemes using ‘Refer-On’. This means scheme admins can refer-on and cross-refer clients to any of their appropriate services. “Data is securely transferred between each scheme, which makes the whole process quick and simple,” says Laura.

Laura and her team have found using ReferAll’s software convenient and logical, allowing them to check off daily tasks to ensure clients successfully complete their programme as well as create a timeline of events and log progress made.

“ReferAll’s system also allows us to identify any specific tasks which may need addressing as a priority,” explains Laura. “Any member of the team can access the client’s account if they require any assistance. The system offers confidentiality and peace of mind for us and our clients, too.”

Despite the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Brio Wellbeing received more than 2,300 referrals into its service and delivered support services in over 30 venues across the borough. “All apart from the smoking cessation schemes closed due to face-to-face delivery restrictions, however, we’ve used our social platforms to engage with clients and have continued to promote health and wellbeing.”

ReferAll also allows Brio to gather vital data. “As a commissioned service, Cheshire West and Chester Council require us to submit quarterly KPI workbooks. This is so much easier now we have a data record of everything thanks to ReferAll,” says Laura. “Working closely with ReferAll, we were able to reconfigure the platform to ensure all relevant data was available to the team”.

“The data we’ve been able to draw upon demonstrates we completed 250 blood pressure checks, supported more than 900 people to quit smoking and delivered 60 falls prevention classes after which every single attendee noted the classes helped them to feel more confident walking." 

Our smoking cessation service saw an increase in referrals and uptake during 2020, with remote delivery well received by clients. Brio Leisure even got a mention in the Public Health England newsletter and the Parliamentary Review, as one of eight UK schemes successfully operating to standards. All in a year when leisure was forced to close for months at a time.”

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