Weight management provider aims to improve efficiency with specialist software solution

by Admin on July 14, 2016

BeeZee Bodies, which runs weight management programmes, has adopted a new specialist software solution from ReferAll in a bid to improve efficiency for staff and clients.

Established in 2012 BeeZee Bodies previously used a basic spreadsheet to input client data, but having won a new contract in Bedfordshire the company decided to prioritise its budget in a bid to improve productivity.

Helen Mayhew, Operations Director for BeeZee Bodies Ltd, explained: “Our portfolio of specialist weight management courses covers everyone from mums to be to families, teenagers and programmes designed by men for men. We have an enormous amount of data which, until recently, was all inputted into a spreadsheet. Our rapid expansion meant we needed to make all our systems as efficient as possible so our staff could focus on spending time with clients rather than on paperwork. We needed a data hub and one that was intelligent enough for us to search and question our data.”

ReferAll’s specialist software allows BeeZee Bodies to have a dedicated Weight Management Hub where all the client information can be entered, collated and exported for reports.  Standard and bespoke questionnaires have also been added to the system to ensure additional data collection. BeeZee Bodies also has access to facilities such as SMS messages with appointment reminders and access for external referral partners, creating a truly joined up approach.

Mayhew said: “ReferAll has been a true partner.  Their background in public health meant they had a real understanding of the challenges we face as a company that is neither part of the NHS nor a Local Authority and yet one which has to function in parallel with these organisations.  We hadn’t used a CRM system before so we didn’t understand its full capacity.  At the same time we were taking on lots of new programmes so we didn’t necessarily know what data we needed to collect.  ReferAll has advised and supported us throughout this process.”

BeeZee Bodies Ltd. operates seventeen weight management programmes in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire at children’s centres, schools, leisure and local authority facilities.
Mayhew concluded: “The system is working well.  Our staff recognise how much quicker it is in terms of managing the data to create reports. We are now keen to expand its use to our programmes in Hertfordshire, creating a more joined up and efficient system for the future.”

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