West Yorkshire Council Q&A

by Stuart Stokes on June 3, 2019

 At ReferAll, we are always keen to find out more about our customers and their experience of our systems.  Nick Jukes has been Systems and Analysis Manager working in Sport & Active Lifestyles for West Yorkshire Council for five years. As part of his role to ensure the smooth running of the lifestyle programme’s systems he was instrumental in launching the council’s online self-referral page. I spoke to him to find out more…

Why did you decide to launch an online self-referral page?

It was crucial to cut down the number of customers who needed to go via GPs to reach our schemes. We needed to simplify the process and reduce the barriers to people who wanted (and needed) to take part in them. Since its launch last summer, the online self-referral page has made our processes much more efficient.

Previously we had to input the data from a paper copy. Now the information is received digitally we can focus our resources on output for our customers, rather than input of our data. All in all we end up with a more customer-focused service.

It is vital to be able to extract relevant data to ascertain how schemes, like Exercise on Referral (EOR), are performing. How do you use reports and how are they of benefit?

In general, the data we need looks at the numbers of people taking part in each programme (EOR, weight management etc.) and whether they have completed it. Previously we used a management information system for this task but it simply wasn’t designed for it. Essentially, it wasn’t its main function so we were shoehorning our data into an inappropriate system.

By using ReferAll’s bespoke online system we can examine detail as well as generalities. A great example of this is the tests our staff have carried out on patients during the first week of their EOR programme and the comparative results for each participant on the final week.

What’s your experience of working with us?

It has been really good. You have been quick to deal with any issues we have had and keen to assist with upgrades and improvements to the system. I have been particularly impressed by your interest in improving ReferAll for everyone in the industry: using individual customer feedback and looking at upgrades that will benefit all your customers. 


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