#3 Completion rate - a deeper understanding

by Stuart Stokes on January 27, 2017

This is the third post in our three part series that helps to unpack referral, uptake and completion rates. Completion rate is fundamental to your services aims and outcomes.

Completion rate

Completion rate can mean different things for different services. Getting to the end of a 3 month weight management programme, setting a quit date or attending 6 meetings with a Health Trainer. Whatever the setting without completers your service will certainly struggle.

Improving completion

Often referred to as retention getting a person to the end of their intervention brings a number of benefits and is vital to the success of your service. Strategies that can be applied:

  • Automating a campaign of motivational messages is a sure fire way of improving retention and ultimately completion. A ReferAll client deployed automated SMS messages twice a week for 12 weeks and completion rate improved by over 20%.
  • Knowing when someone is likely to leave. Having triggers when someone is absent form your service for a period of time provides an opportunity to intervene before they leave your service.
  • Offering excellent service throughout. Sounds easy and of course everyone does it? Allowing staff teams more time with people is vital when looking to improve retention.

Making the case for completion

Funding streams often require that a service needs to demonstrate its outcomes. In order to evaluate this data a person needs to complete your service. There are times when people complete your service but their data not captured which is a double loss. Think about methods to ensure that data is harvested at the completion point.

In certain settings a completer may go on to take out a full membership in the activity of choice. This is a great business opportunity and therefore one that shouldn't be missed.

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