London Borough of Wandsworth Q&A

by Stuart Stokes on May 2, 2019

At ReferAll, we’re always keen to find out more about our customers.  Matt Robinson, Healthy Living Project Officer at Wandsworth Council, has been using our online referral system since 2012. As the main point of contact for scheme providers, GP referrers and Wandsworth CCG it’s crucial he has a clear overview of the referral data. Here’s what he had to say….

Q: What is the value of using an online portal for your scheme providers?

A: We have a complex network of external scheme providers who provide everything from Exercise on Referral (EOR) to weight management and assistance for new mums. As part of our preventative offer we need to link our systems. ReferAll gives us the tools to do this: it stitches our public health provision together. Inevitably, there are always changes of providers so intuitive referral pathways are critical for the schemes’ continued efficiency. These channels have been well-established in our schemes and with our referrers/GPs, making them integral to their success.

Q: Has ReferAll helped you to build links with local referrers?

A: Absolutely. It has enabled and established links to local hospitals. These include frequent referrals from a wide variety of programmes including cardiac health, pulmonary rehab and bone health. I’m also working closely with local health care assistants, who run the NHS Health Check programme. By encouraging them to use ReferAll, we have received numerous, appropriate participants for our lifestyle services, such as weight management and smoking cessation.

Q: I understand you’ve been working to bring the local IAPT scheme under your preventative health umbrella. Tell me about that?

A: We’re always looking for ways to become more coordinated in what we offer participants: The more services at a single point of contact the better! Recently we had this chance with IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). As an established provider of treatment for anxiety disorders and depression it was a great opportunity. I know they’ve been talking to you to discuss their data requirements and how they can use your system to receive referrals. In an ideal world we would like all our schemes to use ReferAll as their management system.

Q: You have been working with us since 2012, what has your experience been?

A: I have nothing but positive things to say about ReferAll. Working with a small organisation makes life easier. The personal element makes a big difference. I always know the work will get done.

Topics: Referral Schemes, Public Health Campaigns